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How to Place Your Order

Ordering posters at is easy. Read through the instructions on this page and feel free to test drive the web site. If you have questions, contact or call 714-993-2300.

1) Choose the poster that you want and instantly receive your poster price. Once you have updated an option, tab to the next field to update the price: 

Size: Choose the size in inches. The first dimension is the width and the second dimension is the height. We will make your poster any size that you want. Custom sizes are okay. The maximum size for a tall poster is 19x27. The maximum size for a wide poster is 27x19. The minimum size is 11x17 or 17x11. 

Sides: Choose if your poster will be printed on one side or two sides. “One side 4/0 Full Color” means the poster will be printed on one side. “Two sides 4/4 Full Color” means the poster will be print two sides. It is okay If your poster is black and white or two color. The price will be the same. 

Paper: Choose the paper thickness. There are four poster thicknesses available: The thinnest is 100lbs. book (.005”) it is a little thicker than notebook paper. The thickest is 12pt. C2S (.012”). It is slightly thinner than the cover of a paper back book. In between, there is 80lbs. cover and 100lbs. cover. If you are unsure which paper thickness is correct for your project, you may press the “Request Samples” tab and receive free samples. We will provide samples of all four poster papers.

Quantity: Choose the quantity of posters that you want. The minimum order is 50 posters of the same design. There is no maximum order. However, 5,000 is the maximum for next day printing.

Proof: Choose the type of proof that you want. A "PDF-Electronic Proof" is FREE! it will be sent to you by email in the PDF file format. The "Hard Copy Proof" is a physical proof - a proof that you can hold. It is a color-accurate proof the actual size of your poster. However, if you chose this option, your printing cannot be completed the next day and, you must chose 2-3 or 4-5 business days. The reason for proofing is to ensure the print file that you send to us processes correctly - that your poster will print the way that you intended. 

Coating: Choose the coating that you want on your posters. Coating is no extra charge. Gloss makes your poster look a little Shinier. Dull makes the poster look less glossy or “satin”. If you are unsure, please request our free sample kit. 

2) Choose your turn around time: Orders placed by 11am can be printed and ready for the next business day pick-up or shipping. If you choose next day turn around, you must upload your file before 11am and you need to be available to approve your proof by later the same day. If you want to save money choose 2-3 day turn around or 4-5 day turn around. If you choose 2-3 day turn around or 4-5 day turn around, you may choose to have a hard copy proof shipped to you overnight.

3) Choose your Shipping/Delivery: Enter your shipping zip code and, calculate your shipping options. Once you have chosen your shipping/delivery option, press “Proceed to Shopping Cart”.

4) Name Your Poster: On the “Shopping Cart” page, you will get the schedule confirmation for both printing and shipping. Also on this page, you will name your poster. This will be helpful later when you are tracking the progress of your order or if you want to re-order. If you have more than one order, press “Continue Shopping” Otherwise, press “Proceed to Checkout”.

5) “Login” page: On this page, you will be asked to login or create an account. You will only need to give you email and password to create an account. When you have completed this page, press “Login” or “Create Account.” This will take you to the “Checkout” page.
Note: If you are a wholesale customer, you should login before you get your prices. Otherwise, you will receive retail prices. 

6) “Checkout” page: Here you will enter your credit card information. Also on the same page, you will supply your billing address. If your shipping address is different than the billing address, you can supply the shipping address on this page too. However, the shipping zip code that you gave at the beginning to receive your shipping prices needs to be the same zip code that you enter here for shipping address. 

7) “Confirm Order” page: This page is a summary of all the information about your poster order. Please review it carefully. When you are ready, Press “Confirm”. Once you press confirm, your order will start processing. 

8) “Thank You” page: You will be taken to the “Thank You” page once you credit card is approved. This is the page where you can upload your print file(s). 

If you are not ready to send your file(s), you may leave the website and come back later. When you come back, Just login and press on the “View Order Status” button. Then press “View” under the “View Order Details” tab. Then, press “Attach” under the “Attach File” tab. 

All computer files will be checked for FREE! We will check: Image resolution; Size; Fonts; Color model; and  for Postscript errors. I most cases, we will fix these issues at no additional charge. Or, we will contact you before printing your poster. 

The best file type to send is a PDF file. Almost all programs can output to the PDF file format - Portable Document Format. It is especially important to save as a PDF when using programs like: Corel Draw, Word, Excel and Power Point. Other good file formats are: .PSD (Photoshop) / .JPG / .TIFF / .AI (Adobe Illustrator) / .EPS (encapsulated postscript) / .INDD (Indesign) / .QXD and .QXP (Quark Xpress).

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