Quality Poster Printing

Ordering posters at nextdayposterprinting.com is easy. Read through the instructions on this page on how to prepare your poster for print and feel free to test drive the web site at your convenience. If you have questions about printing your posters, contact jeff@nextdayposter.com or call 714-993-2300.

Choosing your poster size

Choose the size in inches. The first dimension is the width and the second dimension is the height. We will make your poster any size that you want. Custom sizes are okay. The maximum size for a tall poster is 19x27. The maximum size for a wide poster is 27x19. The minimum size is 11x17 or 17x11.

Choose if your poster will be printed on one side or two sides. “One side 4/0 Full Color” means the poster will be printed on one side. “Two sides 4/4 Full Color” means the poster will be print two sides. It is okay If your poster is black and white or two color. The price will be the same.

Paper type for printing your posters

Choose the paper thickness. There are four poster thicknesses available: The thinnest is 100lbs. book (.005”) it is a little thicker than notebook paper. The thickest is 12pt. C2S (.012”). It is slightly thinner than the cover of a paper back book. In between, there is 80lbs. cover and 100lbs. cover. If you are unsure which paper thickness is correct for your project, you may press the “Request Samples” tab and receive free samples. We will provide samples of all four poster papers.

Choosing the quantity of Posters you want

Choose the quantity of posters that you want. The minimum order is 100 posters of the same desig